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2016 Tour Dates w/ CHEW

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Hope you are having a fantastic 2016 so far. I have several new year resolutions that I have been working on and I’m feeling very positive about what this year will bring. To start with, my band CHEW ended 2015 recording our new EP, 3DEP out this spring. We are in the midst of mixing the album now and I am so pumped to release this beast! Here is a live video of us performing at SCAD University, we love those kids::

We are going on tour soon all over the south, from Austin, TX to Miami, Fl. Check us out in a city near you, including a show in ATL at my favorite venue/bar, 529 on Wednesday January 27th. Much love, and see you soon πŸ˜€

January 14 – Milledgeville, GA @ Buffington’s
January 27 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
January 29 – Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s
January 30 – Mobile, AL @ The Blind Mule
February 11 – Birmingham, AL @ The Syndicate
February 12 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Green Bar
February 13 – Huntsville, AL @ Copper Top
February 19 – Savannah, GA @ The Furnace
February 20 – Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof
February 24 – Nashville, TN @ The 5 Spot
February 25 – Louisville, KY @ TBA
February 27 – Knoxville, TN @ Preservation Pub
March 9 – Jacksonville, FL @ Burro Bar
March 10 – St. Augustine, FL @ Planet Sarbez
March 11 – Daytona, FL @ TBA
March 12 – Miami, FL @ The Granary
March 13 – St. Pete, FL @ The Amsterdam
March 17 – Houston, TX @ Notsuoh
March 18 – Austin, TX @ SxSw
March 19 – Austin, TX @ SxSw
March 21 – Dallas, TX @ Crown and Harp
March 22 – Denton, TX @ J&J’s Pizza
March 24 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Egan’s
March 25 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn




DDrum Demo Video 2015

Hello friends!

Its been a while and a lot of exciting things have happened since my last post. I went on a successful tour with CHEW up the east coast in September. Nashville, Louisville, Philly, Pittsburgh and Wilmington all won my heart, amazing shows…New York was crazy like always, cant wait to go back. We’re now talking about touring in Europe in the spring, get ready to start hearing more about that soon!

But even before this tour, my wonderful sponsors Ddrum contacted me to do some demo videos for several kits they were soon to be releasing. They flew me into their neck of the woods and I had an amazing 2 day video shoot on various kits. Here is one of them, enjoy!

I have a few shows this Halloween weekend and next week, come out and see me in action!

FRIDAY OCT 30th – Tallahassee – Art of Darkness

SATURDAY OCT 31st – Atlanta – Noni’s playing with Blazers (improvisational madness)

THURSDAY NOV 5th – Atlanta – the Clermont Lounge

Tour Dates with CHEW

This summer has already been a blast on the road with CHEW. Below are some more tour dates. Here we come east coast <3
July 9 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Green Bar
July 10 – Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse
July 11 – Mobile, AL @ Alchemy
August 14 – Savannah, GA @ Hangfire
August 15 – Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly
August 21 – Greenville, SC @ Radio Room
August 22 – Asheville, NC @ New Mountain
September 25 – Louisville, KY @ The New Vintage
September 27 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler’s
September 28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades
September 30 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
November 5 – Atlanta, GA @ Clermont Lounge

That One Time I Played For GoPro at SxSw…

At SxSw this year, I mingled with a guy named Willie. He was a “Hunter S. Thompson in his 20’s” type, very friendly and easy to talk to, maybe because of whatever substance(s) he was on. Unbeknownst to me, he was connected with a company called GoPro, I’m sure you have heard of them by now πŸ™‚

Anywho, he said he would put me in contact with them, and then floated off into the night as I floated off on my way as well. Never expecting anything from him really. It was quite refreshing to wake up the next day to a nice email from, you guessed it, GoPro!

We played their BBQ and in return, they gave us two brand spanking new GoPro’s. OMG! GoPro rules, end of story.

Here I am performing with DAMS at the GoPro BBQ at SxSw 2015, enjoy!


That One Time Thomas Pridgen Jammed in My Studio…

It was a late night in February 2015. I just got home from hanging out with some friends and planned on chilling at home for the rest of the night. Oh how things changed!

I hop on facebook to waste a little time and see that Thomas Pridgen posted something to the effect of “Its cold Atlanta”. Nice, he’s in town, cool! I hit him up and say something about hanging out sometime that weekend. We have been acquaintances for quite some time because of our mutual buddy Ikey Owens (R.I.P). We exchange numbers and I didnt think much about it. I get a phone call from an out of town number, probably around 1am. I answer “Hello?” “Whats up!” “Ummmm, who is this?” “Ummmmm, Thomas?” Haha, SWEET!

We meet up for a couple drinks at Church on Edgewood. Edgewood is packed with tipsy hipsters as usual, but always a fun time. We chat it up for a couple hours and then I suggest we go to my studio and jam. HELL YES!

We both rock out on my kit for hours, having fun until I drop him off at his tour bus at 4am. He’s a cool dude, sooooo freaking talented and down to earth. What an inspiration. I mean, the Mars Volta are one of my favorite bands ever, and he was their drummer! Now we are more than acquaintances, we are buds!

Watch him kill it on my Ddrum Dios kit (before I got my brand new one of course ;-)) FUN TIMES.

P.S. – I know its dark! I only had my phone to film this awesomeness πŸ™‚

New Drum Lesson Videos

Hey everyone, I’ve recently completed the first set of videos for my Online Video Drum Lessons.

These are beginner level lessons and available for you to get started NOW!

Recently I was able to give up all my other jobs and teach lessons full time. Due to demand of my time, I wanted to bring what I do in the studio one on one, online for you!

I’ve been teaching drum lessons for several years and this has been a goal of mine for longer than that. During this time, I’ve found what works and what does not.

These beginner lessons are designed to get you started fast and give you enough material to work on for some time.

I’ll be working on more videos soon and updating this regularly.

Click Here to check out my drum lesson videos.