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Hit Like A Girl Drum Contest


Last week I entered into a female drum contest called “Hit Like A Girl”. Here’s a little bit about it:

“Hit Like A Girl 2012 is the first ever drumming contest for girls and women— sponsored by leading drum equipment companies TRX, Vater, Evans, and SKB, along with major drum media companies, including Tom-Tom: The Magazine for Female Drummers, DRUM!, and others.”

Sounds awesome right? This is totally awesome! In order for the judges to see my video (one of the judges is Sheila E!), I have to receive as many votes as possible from my friends.


It would be absolutely amazing if everyone would vote for me. Please vote and share this link with your family and friends:

I want to be the first woman to win the first ever “Hit Like A Girl” Contest, lets make this happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!