Snare-uh In The Studio & Interviews

What’s up fam!?

I’ve been in the studio a lot lately writing new music and working out some grooves. Check it out below!::

My band CHEW has been doing a lot of interviews lately. Here are some cool interviews where I have said quite a bit about life in CHEW::

Never Nervous asked us some really neat questions, check it out:
“The band are at their very best finding a groove and grinding on it, with virtuosic, King Crimson-esque performances enhancing an already lively craft.”

Plasma Magazine reviewed our newest album “A Fine Accoutrement”:
“Atlanta based psych-rock band, CHEW, incorporates some of the best elements of funk, jazz, and dance music into an energetic package of face blasting musicianship on their latest release A Fine Accoutrement.”

Scruffington Post called us on the phone and we had a nice little chat. Find out what I had to say about all kinds of stuff, like my favorite bands!::
“Are they prog? Are they post-rock? Are they psych? Or have they staked out a rarefied space in the musical stratosphere where such distinctions no longer have any meaning, the borders that separate them having long ago dissolved in the creative ether?”

Holiday Drum Lesson Season

Hello friends! I just recently got back from my first European tour, and let me tell ya, it was MAGICAL! We toured through England, Scotland, Italy, and France last month. I’m in love with Italy especially <3 All the myths and misconceptions about Europe were not true, such as food in England is terrible and the French are mean. FALSE! We had delicious food everywhere, and French folks are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. Soon I will be writing blog posts about my adventures on the road. I have written a lot in a journal, but I will be posting it on my site very soon, stay tuned!

‘Tis the holiday season and what is a better gift for your loved ones than….DRUM LESSONS! I am running a special deal just for the month of December. Buy 5 drum lessons, get 1 FREE! That is 6 weeks of lessons for your mother, sister, brother, father, or child, so they can get a good grip on drumming, and 1 of the lessons will be FREE of charge, OH BOY! Or start the New Year playing drums like you have always wanted. Get your lessons before December is over!

I am also playing a big show with my band CHEW at the lovely 529 on Thursday, December 21st for our album release show. Donations at the door and we headline. Come out and see me live in the flesh!

Facebook event HERE

Its ME!!

Its been quite a while, HI FRIENDS!!

I have been super busy touring the U.S. and Canada, and soon will be touring EUROPE! I just wanted to say hi and yes I’m still drumming my little heart out <3
LIVE @ Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS

New LIVE video w/ CHEW

I play in a band called CHEW. Below is a video of our live set we did with WSBF in Clemson, SC a few weeks ago. This is one of my best live performances ever recorded thus far. Check it out!

We are also hitting the road very soon, come see us at a show near you.

February 16 – Nashville, TN @ the Cobra
February 17 – Louisville, KY @ Monnik Beer Co.
February 18 – Lexington, KY @ Big Hair HQ (EARLY SHOW, 7pm)
February 18 – Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar (LATE SHOW, 11pm)
March 1 – St. Augustine, FL @ Shanghai Nobby’s
March 2 – Daytona, FL @ Tir Na Nog
March 3 – Miami, FL @ Kill Your Idol
March 4 – St. Pete, FL @ The Bends
March 5 – Tampa, Fl @ the Mermaid
March 6 – Orlando, FL @ Spacebar
March 7 – Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s
March 8 – Tallahassee, FL @ Indianhead Factory
March 9 – Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar
March 10 – SECRET SHOW
March 11 – Beaumont, TX @ Logon Cafe
March 12 – San Antonio, TX @ K23
March 13 – Houston, TX @ Notsuoh
March 15 – Austin, TX – SxSw
March 16 – Austin, TX – SxSw
March 17 – Austin, TX – SxSw
March 18 – Dallas, TX @ Double Wide
March 20 – Tupelo, MS @ Blue Canoe
March 22 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Egans
March 23 – Birmingham, Al @ the Syndicate
March 24 – Savannah, GA @ Congress Street Social Club

Home for the Holidays and Tour Pics

Hello world!

Once again, it has been a while. I have been constantly touring with CHEW all over the United States this year. Up to Chicago, out to California, down to Miami and more, 2016 has been an incredible year of traveling and performing for people all over America. I feel blessed to be living my dream as a musician! Here are a few fun pics of our excursions since June…::

Hi-Ho Lounge - New Orleans, LA

Hi-Ho Lounge – New Orleans, LA

Publicity - Beaumont, TX

Publicity – Beaumont, TX

Tir Na Nog - Daytona, FL

Tir Na Nog – Daytona, FL

Photo by Jamey McDaniel

CHEW in the Arizona desert – Photo by Jamey McDaniel

CHEW in the Arizona  desert  - Photo by Jamey McDaniel

CHEW in the Arizona desert – Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Blacklight District Lounge - Long Beach, CA - Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Blacklight District Lounge – Long Beach, CA – Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Hike to Lizards Mouth - Santa Barbara, CA - Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Hike to Lizards Mouth – Santa Barbara, CA – Photo by Jamey McDaniel

CHEW at Lizards Mouth - Santa Barbara, CA - Photo by Jamey McDaniel

CHEW at Lizards Mouth – Santa Barbara, CA – Photo by Jamey McDaniel

ATL in Santa Barbara - Photo by Jamey McDaniel

ATL in Santa Barbara – Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Taking it all in at Lizards Mouth - Santa Barbara, CA - Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Taking it all in at Lizards Mouth – Santa Barbara, CA – Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Tunes From the Tombs again!

Hello friends, Happy summer everyone!

Its festival season y’all. I just got back from playing music festival Bonnaroo with my band CHEW, and man oh man, I had a great time!

My festival playing is not over. Next up, I will be doing a solo performance at music festival Tunes From the Tombs in Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. My set times will be 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm. Come one come all! See you soon 🙂


New photos and updates!

Hello Hello world! It has been a little while, but I just wanted to drop in and say hey 🙂 Here is some brief news:

I went on tour last month and it was an incredible journey. The shows were great, met so many cool people, played all over Florida through Texas and beyond, and made a lot of noise (literally) at SxSw 2016. It was grand. We are already booking our Midwest & Colorado tour this summer, staying busy busy busy!

My band CHEW will be releasing our new album “3D EP” May 6th @ 529 in east ATL. Make sure to get a copy of our new tunes at the show!

Along with other tour dates, I will also be performing at Tunes From the Tombs again this year, a super cool music festival right in the heart of Atlanta. Make sure to catch all of my solo sets on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at Historic Oakland Cemetery.

Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Photo by Jamey McDaniel

2016 Tour Dates w/ CHEW

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! Hope you are having a fantastic 2016 so far. I have several new year resolutions that I have been working on and I’m feeling very positive about what this year will bring. To start with, my band CHEW ended 2015 recording our new EP, 3DEP out this spring. We are in the midst of mixing the album now and I am so pumped to release this beast! Here is a live video of us performing at SCAD University, we love those kids::

We are going on tour soon all over the south, from Austin, TX to Miami, Fl. Check us out in a city near you, including a show in ATL at my favorite venue/bar, 529 on Wednesday January 27th. Much love, and see you soon 😀

January 14 – Milledgeville, GA @ Buffington’s
January 27 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
January 29 – Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s
January 30 – Mobile, AL @ The Blind Mule
February 11 – Birmingham, AL @ The Syndicate
February 12 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Green Bar
February 13 – Huntsville, AL @ Copper Top
February 19 – Savannah, GA @ The Furnace
February 20 – Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof
February 24 – Nashville, TN @ The 5 Spot
February 25 – Louisville, KY @ TBA
February 27 – Knoxville, TN @ Preservation Pub
March 9 – Jacksonville, FL @ Burro Bar
March 10 – St. Augustine, FL @ Planet Sarbez
March 11 – Daytona, FL @ TBA
March 12 – Miami, FL @ The Granary
March 13 – St. Pete, FL @ The Amsterdam
March 17 – Houston, TX @ Notsuoh
March 18 – Austin, TX @ SxSw
March 19 – Austin, TX @ SxSw
March 21 – Dallas, TX @ Crown and Harp
March 22 – Denton, TX @ J&J’s Pizza
March 24 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Egan’s
March 25 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn




DDrum Demo Video 2015

Hello friends!

Its been a while and a lot of exciting things have happened since my last post. I went on a successful tour with CHEW up the east coast in September. Nashville, Louisville, Philly, Pittsburgh and Wilmington all won my heart, amazing shows…New York was crazy like always, cant wait to go back. We’re now talking about touring in Europe in the spring, get ready to start hearing more about that soon!

But even before this tour, my wonderful sponsors Ddrum contacted me to do some demo videos for several kits they were soon to be releasing. They flew me into their neck of the woods and I had an amazing 2 day video shoot on various kits. Here is one of them, enjoy!

I have a few shows this Halloween weekend and next week, come out and see me in action!

FRIDAY OCT 30th – Tallahassee – Art of Darkness

SATURDAY OCT 31st – Atlanta – Noni’s playing with Blazers (improvisational madness)

THURSDAY NOV 5th – Atlanta – the Clermont Lounge