New Drum Lesson Videos

Hey everyone, I’ve recently completed the first set of videos for my Online Video Drum Lessons.

These are beginner level lessons and available for you to get started NOW!

Recently I was able to give up all my other jobs and teach lessons full time. Due to demand of my time, I wanted to bring what I do in the studio one on one, online for you!

I’ve been teaching drum lessons for several years and this has been a goal of mine for longer than that. During this time, I’ve found what works and what does not.

These beginner lessons are designed to get you started fast and give you enough material to work on for some time.

I’ll be working on more videos soon and updating this regularly.

Click Here to check out my drum lesson videos.


It has been entirely too long, but I finally have a new drum solo to add to internet-land!

This snippet of a solo is from my first clinic this year at New School of Music in Buford, GA. On this lovely day in March 2014, I gave a talk about my experience in the music industry for the past 10 years, had a long Q & A session, performed two solos, and had one drum off with the man who taught me how to play drums, Mr. Joey Baggett. It was such a magical day, I am still honored that my drum instructor asked me to do it, looking forward to doing another one.


Me with my drum instructor of 5 years, Joey Baggett.


Packing up and happy 🙂

Want to see more footage from my clinic? Contact me at to find out how!

End of Summer Photo Shoot

It was about time to take some new photos and I couldn’t have thought of a better location than my studio. My sanctuary. The place where I create oodles of music and teach a plethora of students how to play drums. I love this place.

Thanks to Photographer Nick Bach and Costume Designer Vanessa Marie for helping me look fly in my studio a.k.a heaven 🙂









NAMM January 2014

Danny Carey’s Kit, OMGOMGOMG! If you dont know who he is, he is the drummer for TOOL…enough said::

Its a little blurry but got a pic with Aaron Spears, this was right before I performed a solo in front of him, he’s super cool::

My last blurry pic I promise! This is me hanging out with Brent Hinds from Mastodon and film director Jimmy Hayward. We were at the Hilton After Party taking selfies, what a fun night::

Danny Carey himself! I got an autograph from him and Daru Jones, they were both so awesome, cant wait to hang out with them again!::

Another amazing drummer named Danny! This is Danny Walker from Intronaut, they are so sick and he is too::

My first pic at NAMM was with none other than Juan Alderete, bassist for the Mars Volta. Man oh man they are a huge influence on me, was great to chat with him::

I had a blast playing this cymbal kit from Turkish Cymbals, they sound fantastic::

Thank you so much Black Widow Drum Web for blessing me with passes to NAMM in Anaheim, CA. I had such an amazing experience, and I would have never gone without you. Thank you thank you thank you! <3