Hi, I’m Sarah.

I’ve created a series of online drum lesson videos designed to get your drum chops super sharp.

These lessons are crafted on the same techniques I offer students in person, but you get them in the privacy of your own home.

No experience required.

See results fast.

You’ll have fun learning with me!

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How much does this cost?

This video package is designed for beginner level students, and is exactly what I teach in my one on one lessons.

In these 5 video’s you’ll learn:

  • The different parts of the Drum Kit
  • Hand Technique
  • Foot Technique
  • What are Quarter, Eighth, and Sixteenth Notes?
  • Basic Quarter & Eighth note drum beats
  • Intermediate Quarter & Eighth note drum beats
  • Drum Fills and Breaks

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Sounds like a lot to cover?  You are right, but you got this!

I break down each element in these videos showing you exactly when and where to use your hands and feet.

Normally, my students pay a flat fee per lesson and come in once a week for an entire month or longer.

I do run specials from time to time, but each lesson is regularly $50.

This package of 5 lessons is a $250 value!

Here’s the nice part, I’m currently selling this entire package for a one time payment of….


How sweet is that deal?

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