Hello Hello world! It has been a little while, but I just wanted to drop in and say hey 🙂 Here is some brief news:

I went on tour last month and it was an incredible journey. The shows were great, met so many cool people, played all over Florida through Texas and beyond, and made a lot of noise (literally) at SxSw 2016. It was grand. We are already booking our Midwest & Colorado tour this summer, staying busy busy busy!

My band CHEW will be releasing our new album “3D EP” May 6th @ 529 in east ATL. Make sure to get a copy of our new tunes at the show!

Along with other tour dates, I will also be performing at Tunes From the Tombs again this year, a super cool music festival right in the heart of Atlanta. Make sure to catch all of my solo sets on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at Historic Oakland Cemetery.

Photo by Jamey McDaniel

Photo by Jamey McDaniel