It was a late night in February 2015. I just got home from hanging out with some friends and planned on chilling at home for the rest of the night. Oh how things changed!

I hop on facebook to waste a little time and see that Thomas Pridgen posted something to the effect of “Its cold Atlanta”. Nice, he’s in town, cool! I hit him up and say something about hanging out sometime that weekend. We have been acquaintances for quite some time because of our mutual buddy Ikey Owens (R.I.P). We exchange numbers and I didnt think much about it. I get a phone call from an out of town number, probably around 1am. I answer “Hello?” “Whats up!” “Ummmm, who is this?” “Ummmmm, Thomas?” Haha, SWEET!

We meet up for a couple drinks at Church on Edgewood. Edgewood is packed with tipsy hipsters as usual, but always a fun time. We chat it up for a couple hours and then I suggest we go to my studio and jam. HELL YES!

We both rock out on my kit for hours, having fun until I drop him off at his tour bus at 4am. He’s a cool dude, sooooo freaking talented and down to earth. What an inspiration. I mean, the Mars Volta are one of my favorite bands ever, and he was their drummer! Now we are more than acquaintances, we are buds!

Watch him kill it on my Ddrum Dios kit (before I got my brand new one of course ;-)) FUN TIMES.

P.S. – I know its dark! I only had my phone to film this awesomeness 🙂